Humanitarian And Compassionate Consideration

The application for Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations can be called as the special request for considerations that must be given with respect to a particular application. You can apply for Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration only when you do not meet certain criteria and would like to have your application processed without the particular consideration to avoid facing refusal.

According to the Sections A25 and A25.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), visa officials have the special rights of flexibility to grant permanent residence status to certain foreign nationals in case the official feels that the compelling humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds exist.

Who Qualifies for Humanitarian and Compassionate?​

This is a special request that can be submitted along with the Canadian permanent residence application by the people from within Canada. This is aimed for the people who do not have a legal statue but have made Canada their home. For example, if you are an individual living in Canada without the proper paperwork, you may be able to qualify for an H & C and apply for Canadian permanent residence status.

You can be eligible for H & Cs in case of establishing yourself in Canada by virtue the following:

  • Family ties to Canadian permanent residents
  • Employment in Canada
  • Education in Canada
  • Volunteer work in Canada
  • Upgrade of English or French skills
  • Social ties to Canada in their communities

Factors that May Be Considered

Here are some of the examples that may be considered include:

  • Owner or a tenant in property
  • Inability to leave Canada that has led to various establishments like giving birth
  • Health considerations
  • Consequences of your separation from relative
  • Hardships that you may face in your home country
  • Ties to Canada
  • Family violence considerations

Why Seeking Professional Immigration Help is Essential

It’s not easy as it seems like. Remember the final decision is of the visa official, so being approved for Humanitarian and Compassionate application would need a hardship in home country and that the applicants have established themselves in Canada. It is very important to prepare a strong and compelling case for positive outcomes. This can be the smartest decision you can make to start a stress-free and comfortable life in Canada with your loved ones and gain all the legal rights.

Why Hire ECC Visa to Help with Your H & C Application?

If you are out of status or illegal in Canada and would like to make it your permanent home with the status of Permanent Residency, Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration is the option. With specialization in H & C, ECC Visa is a specialist immigration agency where we take a very aggressive approach to these cases. With decades of combined experience in the immigration industry, our team has helped thousands of individuals to successfully immigrate to Canada through the Humanitarian and Compassionate application. Let our specialist and certified immigration experts handle your H & C case so you do not have to live “underground” in fear any longer.