Spousal Open Work Permit

In July 2020, the Government of Canada decided to extend the open work permit pilot for common-law partners and spouses. As a result, common-law partners and spouses of Canadians can continue to work as they wait for their permanent resident status.

The program for a spousal open work permit was started in December 2014. It was set to expire on July 31. However, the Canadian government extended the program until the regulatory changes are completed to permanently implement the policy.

The Government of Canada believes in prioritizing support for families. Measures like a spousal open work permit allow applicants to work and contribute to the economy. Moreover, it provides common-law partners and spouses with stability and certainty as they wait for their permanent resident status.

Only applicants residing in Canada, who have applied under the common-law partners or spouses in Canada class, are eligible for open work permits. These applicants must possess temporary resident status or be entitled to return to their temporary resident status and reside in the same property as their sponsor.

How to Submit an Application?

Some individuals received a spousal open work permit during the initial pilot. If you fall under this category, ECC Visa can help you request a work permit extension. However, make sure you apply for the extension before your status in Canada expires.

If you are a new applicant, you can send a work permit application along with the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application. It is vital to note that you need to complete all the applications together and include the appropriate fees. Our team of experts can help you understand the filling of different applications and the required fees for each one of them. Applications need to be sent by courier or email.

In the event that you have applied for a permanent residence but not applied for a spousal open work permit, we can help you complete the work permit application. After your work permit application is complete, you must send the application along with the fees.

What If You Have An Approval On The Permanent Residence Application?

If your permanent residence application is approved, implying that you have received an acceptance from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stating that you are eligible for the permanent resident status, but your family members are yet to go through security, background, and medical checks, you can apply for a spousal open work permit.

You Are a Citizen of Canada. Can Your Spouse Work in Canada?

The eligibility for your spouse to work in Canada depends on their immigration status.

  • If your common-law partner or spouse is a permanent resident, he/she is permitted to work in Canada.
  • If your common-law partner or spouse is on a visitor or temporary resident visa, he/she needs to apply for a spousal open work permit before beginning to work in Canada.

ECC Visa has the expertise to help you apply for the permit in all of the above-mentioned conditions. We ensure that you complete the application process smoothly.