March 22, 2021

Living in Canada – Tips for newcomers!

When you migrate to Canada, you may face many challenges that are alien to the people who are already living here. Life in Canada is a comfortable experience, but the first few days after moving to a new country can be overwhelming.

This is why we bring to you some of the great tips you can follow during your initial days in Canada.

Get comfortable with speaking English

English is the local language here. So, when you are moving to Canada, there is no other way to communicate, but to be comfortable in your language skills. This will give you the confidence to socialize with people as well as explore everything about this place.

You want to apply for proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL or CELPIP to sharpen your skills and get comfortable with English language. Additionally, you can also hire experienced and native speakers English teachers for better results. Watching movies, reading books or news papers and communicating with a mirror are also great ways to succeed.

Find accommodation

If you are visiting Canada as a student, you have the option to go with college accommodation facility, which is usually cheaper. However, it’s not available for everyone as this is exclusively available for the students.

When you are visiting Canada for work or business purposes, it is important that you find an accommodation even before you arrive here. There are many rental properties that one can choose and also the professional immigration offers can be your guide to help find the best-suitable accommodation in budget as they have the network in Canada.

Get ready for the job market

Even if you already have a job letter with you, things can be a bit tricky initially in Canada. This is why it is always suggested to get familiar with the company’s guidelines, cultures, ethics and more. You can connect with the people in your industry and the company as well, which will also help improve your networking and maybe make some new friends.

If you plan to get a job in Canada after you arrive, it is mandatory to explore the job market, gather all the required educational documents, obtain letters of references from your past employers, and everything else you may need.

Get your SIN Number

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is the first thing that everyone needs to apply, especially when you intend to find a job in Canada. Without the SIN, you are not legally allowed to work in Canada. After all, your taxes are controlled through your SIN, so you must have it before you start earning in this country.

Final words

So, are you ready for an amazing journey of lie in Canada? Count on certified visa professionals only as they have the large network and can help you with almost everything you may need after your visit to Canada. Of course, you can handle things on your own, but make sure to plan before you arrive in Canada.


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