March 23, 2021

Tips You Must Follow For Preparing Your Canada PR Application

Canada , being fastest growing economy, is the first choice of the international residents who aim to start a new life in a countrythat offers them great earning opportunities along with other facilities. This is the reason thousands of people apply for Canada Permanent Resident (PR permit for a better future. However, not all of them get approved.

If you are also planning to apply for the PR, here are the tips you can follow that have been proven to deliver better results on Canada PR applications.

Identify the right immigration program to apply for

Of course, it is possible to apply for the Canadian PR applications by yourself, but things can be quite complex when it comes to knowing about the right type of immigration program. For this, you must seek the help from an expert. These professional immigration consultants have the experience in dealing with immigration matters and can evaluate your eligibility, explain in detail the process and help find the best Canadian PR program for you.

Provide a complete and truthful application

It is very important that you always provide all the required documents that are mentioned in the application checklist. Make sure that you provide thorough information. In case you find any particular field that does not apply to you, do not leave it blank, instead mark it as N/A. the reason here is that PR applications with blank fields are considered as incomplete and will be returned. Another important thing here is that you should not lie when preparing your PR applications. It is considered misrepresentation and will lead to severe consequences.

Submit PR application with the correct processing office

Before you submit your PR application, check the guidelines to avoid delays. In case the PR application is sent to the incorrect office, it can result in unwanted delay of three to six months. If such case happens, you might not be eligible to re-apply for permanent residence anymore.

Check your documents’ expiry dates

Not all the documents come with unlimited validity. Some may also have expiry dates such as your passport, driving license, which is why it is important that you check the expiry dates of your documents before submitting the PR applications. In case the passport is expired, the immigration officials are not going to issue PR. So, make sure to take proactive actions and get your passport and other documents renewed on time.

Share valid email address

Since most of the Immigration Canada communications are performed through email these days, it is very important that you share the correct email address when submitting your PR application to the concerned department. If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to double check the email and keep checking your spam folder so that you do not skip any email regarding the PR application.

So, when you are planning to submit a PR application, make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips in mind for positive results.

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