March 10, 2021

Reasons Canadian Study Permit Applications Get Refused

In official language, a Temporary Visitor Visa is an official document that will be placed on your valid passport as your access pass to Canada. This document demonstrates to Canadian authorities that you have met the requirements to visit Canada as a visitor, student, or worker. While it is not rocket science, but there are many people who face visitor visa refusal due to certain reasons. In this blog, we bring to you some of the most common ones so that you can avoid them when submitting your visitor visa application.

Misunderstand the Test for Issuing a Visitor Visa TRV

According to the recent reports, the refusal sate for Canada Visitor Visa has increased to more than one-in-four. The visa is issued to the residents of certain countries and they are not likely to overstay in Canada. While the most common concern for the IRCC is that the applicants may not return after the expiry of the visitor visa, it is important to submit the supporting documents to prove your case that you will return after your visitor visa expires. You can also it prove through your bank statements or an invitation letter.

No Proper Submission of Evidences for Connection to Your Home Country

While many people may not know, but it is mandatory for visitor visa applicants to submit required documents to support their connections to their home country and the evidence that proves it. This ensures that the applicant will return to the home country once the visa is expired. The connections to your home country may be proved through your property and employment. In case of leased property, title deeds or lease agreements to property may be required along with employment letters or contracts.

No Valid Affidavits to Support Visitor Visa Application

As you know a sworn affidavit is considered legal evidence, it can be used as a proper document to support your authenticity. In case you have a family member or legal guardian who can support your claims of connections to your home country, then make sure to have them swear affidavits to include with your application. This is often considered more powerful than a simple support letter.

Not Enough Detailed Invitation Letter

When applying for a visitor visa to Canada, the applicants must share the reasons for visiting Canada; whether for educational, professional, travel, medical, etc. You must also share the details for accommodation in Canada along with the return details and flight information. You can also get an invitation letter from your relatives so that you can show your proof to visit Canada as a visitor. The invitation must include the full name and birth date of the applicant along with the travel dates.

Final words

Though it is not a very complex process, many people face visitor visa refusal. Make sure to consult with a professional and have a detailed and property-filled application form along with all the supporting documents to prove your eligibility for the visa.

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